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The Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology was founded in 1904. Its purpose is to promote philosophy and psychology by facilitating the exchange of ideas among those engaged in these fields of inquiry, by encouraging investigation, by fostering the educational function of philosophy and psychology, and by improving the academic status of the subjects.

Annual Meeting

Update: SSPP 2020 will be held virtually on

December 3 - 5. 

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Official Statement Regarding the 112th Annual Meeting Scheduled for March 12 - 14th, 2020


In light of the developing coronavirus concern, the Executive Council sent out a brief survey to registered attendees and non-registered presenters. Based on the results of that survey, we have postponed the meeting.


Please read the following message for more details: 


Dear SSPP-ers:
  Thanks for the quick replies to the survey, both from the fearless, the cautious, and those of you not allowed to travel. In light of the responses and the SSPP council's deliberations, we have decided to postpone the conference.  We want to find a way for as many people as possible to gather and share
our work.

    We will do everything we can to reproduce the program in Louisville at a later and safer time, and if that does not work, we might move it or part of it online. There is a lot of organizing yet to be done on these fronts, and once we have more information, we'll be communicating with you about potential dates. Please stay tuned.
 We have not heard yet from the hotel, so we can't tell you what their policy will be on refunding anything you may have paid them for rooms, or about the chances of rescheduling, but we will have more information about that sometime after Monday.

In case you are interested in the survey results: over half of you preferred to postpone the conference,  including a segment of people who could come as of today, and a much larger segment of people who are not able to come.

     No one expressed concerns out loud about losing money from unreimbursable travel expenses, but I'm sure those concerns are widespread as well.  One senior faculty member generously offered to transfer $300 they would have spent on meals and cab rides into a fund to help defray expenses for people who can't recoup sunk costs and are in a hard way because of that. At least one other person in a position to do so will do the same. $600 isn't much so far, but perhaps we can grow this fund with contributions from anyone who is thnking along the same lines. If that's you, please get in touch with me or Lisa Heimbauer, the SSPP treasurer.

  More soon,

  ---Susanna Siegel
philosophy program co-chair

For all refund related issues, please email our Treasurer, Dr. Lisa Heimbauer, at


SSPP invites applications for membership from qualified philosophers and psychologists. More information about membership is available here.


Recent Updates:

 2020 Meeting Postponed!

SSPP 2020 in

Louisville, KY is Postponed Due to Coronavirus Concerns. Please Check Your Email for Updated from the SSPP Council.

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