SSPP invites applications for membership from qualified philosophers and psychologists. 

Qualifications for New Membership: 

1.     Full membership: Full membership in SSPP usually requires a Ph.D. in philosophy or in psychology and professional involvement in either teaching or research in the relevant discipline. 

2.     Associate membership: Those who do not have a Ph.D. but are actively involved in teaching or research in philosophy or psychology are eligible for associate membership. This category includes graduate students pursuing the Ph.D. in one of the disciplines. Applicants for associate membership should submit a copy of their curriculum vitae with their applications. 

3.     Emeritus membership: Those who hold full membership and retire from active teaching or research may apply for a change of status to emeritus membership, which relieves the member of obligations for annual dues.

Current Membership Dues

  • Members pay an annual dues fee of $35 to remain in good standing. 

  • Membership dues are INCLUDED in the registration fee if you attend the Annual Meeting. This means that if you attended the meeting and registered, your dues fees have been paid.

  • Below you can either pay for your membership dues if you are not attending the meeting, or you can pay for your registration (which includes your membership dues). Current registration fees reflect early bird pricing. 

  • If you did not attend the Annual Meeting, you can pay your dues separately in two ways:

    • By Mail by sending a check to Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology to       Dr. Lauren A. Taglialatela, Membership Chair 
      Department of Psychology
      Kennesaw State University
      1000 Chastain Road, MD 2202
      Kennesaw, GA 30144

    • By Paying Online by adding the appropriate membership below to your cart.