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SSPP invites applications for membership from qualified philosophers and psychologists. 

Qualifications for New Membership: 

Full Membership: 

     Full membership in SSPP usually requires a Ph.D. in philosophy or in psychology and              professional involvement in either teaching or research in the relevant discipline.

Associate membership:

    Those who do not have a Ph.D. but are actively involved in teaching or research in                   philosophy or psychology are eligible for associate membership. This category includes         graduate students pursuing the Ph.D. in one of the disciplines. Applicants for associate           membership should submit a copy of their curriculum vitae with their applications.

Emeritus membership:

     Those who hold full membership and retire from active teaching or research may apply         for a change of status to emeritus membership, which relieves the member of                           obligations for annual dues.

     Additional Member Information

          Members pay an annual dues fee of $35 to remain in good standing. 

          Membership dues are INCLUDED in the registration fee if you attend the Annual Meeting. This means                  that if you attended the meeting and registered, your dues fees have been paid.

          Above you can either pay for your membership dues if you are not attending the meeting, or you can pay            for your registration (which includes your membership dues). Current registration fees reflect early bird                pricing. 

​     Applicants are required to pay their dues in advance of consideration of their application. Dues       are credited for the annual year in which they are paid. For annual meeting attendees who wish       to join the Society at that time, membership dues can be paid as part of the Members                       registration. 

     Applicants should also submit an application for membership at that time.  Applicants who did         not attend the annual meeting can submit an application along with their $35 dues payment at         any time using the directions at the bottom of this page.

     All applications for membership are acted upon by the Membership Chair. The membership             chair evaluates the qualifications of the applicant and then contacts the applicant to formally             accept or reject their application. The Membership Chair makes a New Member report to the           SSPP Council during the Council meeting that convenes during the annual conferences and to         the full membership at the Business Meeting that also occurs during the annual conference.

     To apply for membership, please make your membership payment online choosing the                     appropriate option below.  Then either mail your completed application and current CV to Dr.           Lauren TaglialatelaDepartment of Psychology, Kennesaw State University, 1000 Chastain                 Road, MD 2202, Kennesaw, GA, 30144, or email them to her at

  A copy of the Constitution and By-Laws can be found here.

Donate to SSPP!

The SSPP relies on donations to provide travel grants to deserving students, and other donations to the General Fund are used to help with annual meeting costs and special events.

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Membership Dues and Conference Registration

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